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 ~ Tips for a Good Strong Review ~

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PostSubject: ~ Tips for a Good Strong Review ~   December 2nd 2012, 1:13 am

Your review may be deleted if it is not up to the majority of these standards.

- Avoid grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Obvious, yes, but still needed to point out. If your review contains just a few minor errors, we'll correct them for you. If it has truckloads of major errors, well... better luck next time.

- Use pictures. Pictures make it look more professional, and people get a good feel for how the game looks. Also, if there's something in particular that you want to show from the game that can be seen in a picture.

- The higher score you give it the more good reasons you need. A review is normally opinion based and not fact based, but that does not mean that it can't be biased. One way of seeing if a review is biased is if the person writing it gives it a high score, possibly even a perfect 10 (or 100), but gives barely any reasons in the review to why that game deserves such a high score.

- No major spoilers. People don't want to hear how the last level of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is, how Zelda got kidnapped this time, or who dies at the end of any particular games or similar spoilers. If you're gonna have a major spoiler, you need to add a spoiler tag to the title, so people are aware of it.

- Make the length sufficient. Obviously a longer review is a better review, and writing just a few paragraphs simply just won't cut it. When you're writing a review, make sure it's long enough so then you at least talk about the game's story, graphics, sound, and gameplay aspects.

- Copying/Stealing. Whatever you do, you're not allowed to copy other reviews from other sites, unless you're a reviewer elsewhere, and you're just posting your own review on to here, and vice versa. (I, for example, post all my reviews from here on to Wii Friends) Those who steal other peoples reviews, however, will have "their" review's deleted. Furthermore, committers of this crime will not have any of their reviews approved in the future, even if they're legit.

If there's anything you think should be added or changed, just reply to this thread.

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~ Tips for a Good Strong Review ~
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